Request for Bag Samples

We are wholesaler of bags and we sell with a minimum order and do not sell individual items. For bulk purchases, we advise all clients to view the actual bag sample before you place an order with us. This is to ensure the bags or backpacks you purchase is exactly what you require. If you choose not to, you bear the risk that it is not the item you require and no refund is possible especially if the bags are already imprinted with your company logo.

To view samples, you can do the following:

  1. Purchase a Sample – You can buy a sample from us and we will delivery it to you. Please note that you will be charged the retail price of the bags. However, if you purchase a bulk order from us, we will refund you the sample purchased. For other items you purchased, all samples purchased are refundable. Delivery charges will not be refunded.
  2. Visit Our Showroom – We suggest that clients come visit our showroom in Bandar Manjalara because you can see the whole range of bags available. You will have a lot of choices available and we are sure you can find one that suit your needs.
  3. Make an Appointment with External Sales Staff – If you are a corporate client and is not able to do the above, then another option will be making an appointment with our sales staff to meet you at your option. You will need to choose from the pictures that we provide and choose the items that you would like us to show you and we will bring them to you. We can let you hold on to the samples on a case to case basis.

Reseller companies

We would like to serve you better but we are not able to meet you personally for reseller companies. You can come to our showroom to purchase the sample at wholesale prices. However, you need to provide us and register as an agent to do so. If you need to purchase and have us send the item to you, we will also sell them at retail price to you.